GridGain Professional Edition 2.4.4 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • ScanQuery transformer applies to all result pages. [#IGNITE-5804]
  • Web Console: Added support for persistence in demo mode. [#IGNITE-6094]
  • Partition eviction now does not block exchange [#IGNITE-6113]
  • Web Console and Visor CMD: Updated eviction policy factory in configs. [#IGNITE-6995]
  • Web Console: Improved export of grouped data on Admin panel. [#IGNITE-7036]
  • Web Console: Added detection of CSV separator based on browser locale. [#IGNITE-7225]
  • Fixed affinity to always choose primary node from one of the owners when persistence is enabled [#IGNITE-7514]
  • Fixed cache metadata corruption during concurrent checkpoint and cache destroy [#IGNITE-7540]
  • Use throttle to prevent checkpoint buffer overflow [#IGNITE-7751]
  • Share persisted marshaller mappings when connecting [#IGNITE-7794]
  • Web Console: Fixed enum values decoding for SQL queries. [#IGNITE-7880]
  • .NET: LINQ: fixed GroupBy and Where issue [#IGNITE-7889]
  • .NET: Fixed hang caused by mishandled exception during custom cache store deserialization [#IGNITE-7928]
  • Fixed script to use Java from JAVA_HOME. [#IGNITE-8274]
  • ODBC: Fixed bug that prevented to establish SSL connection to remote host in some cases [#IGNITE-8394]