GridGain Professional Edition 2.1.5 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • Excluded daemon nodes from snapshot operation topology [#IGNITE-6480]
  • Fixed of snapshot RESTORE fail if there is partition which size is greater than 2 Gb [#IGNITE-6470]
  • Fixed consistent ID user in lightweight ClusterNode [#IGNITE-6460]
  • Fixed error in checkpointer during topology change [#IGNITE-6434]
  • Fixed offheap page evictions if loading not through data loader [#IGNITE-6385]
  • Visor GUI: Fixed vulnerability of search in arbitrary folder [#IGNITE-6367]
  • Fixed overflow when using more than Short.MAX_VALUE partitions [#IGNITE-6356]
  • Fixed exchange hang on partition eviction when partition is LOST [#IGNITE-6342]
  • Fixed issue with client cache being created on server node [#IGNITE-6340]
  • Added ability to convert WAL to human-redable form [#IGNITE-6277]
  • Fixed empty topology in discovery events when node has been segmented [#IGNITE-6256]
  • Fixed race that could cause node hang-up during GridDhtTxFinishRequest processing [#IGNITE-6254]
  • ODBC: SQLRowCount now returns number of affected rows for non-batch queries [#IGNITE-6245]
  • Added support for uninterruptable writes using AsyncFileIOFactory. Enabled with -DIGNITE_USE_ASYNC_FILE_IO_FACTORY=true [#IGNITE-6228]
  • IgniteCache.loadCache() now doesn't block loading from store on remote nodes [#IGNITE-6219]
  • Fixed hanging on concurrent updates of binary metadata [#IGNITE-6214]
  • ODBC: SQLBindParameter do not unbind parameter if the ParameterValuePtr is NULL anymore [#IGNITE-6211]
  • Optimized marshaller: fixed defaultWriteObject/defaultReadObject with NotActiveException [#IGNITE-6200]
  • ODBC: Fixed error on cursor closing before all the rows from the result fetched [#IGNITE-6188]
  • Fixed calculation of moving partitions count in partition map [#IGNITE-5999]
  • Infinite silent timeout while client with different configuration try enter topology [#IGNITE-5869]
  • SQL: Fixed BigInteger data type handling [#IGNITE-5855]
  • Reusing BinaryObjectBuilder can fails unexpectedly [#IGNITE-5839]
  • Fixed NullPointerException in JDBC Metadata getIndexInfo method [#IGNITE-4643]
  • IgnitePdsWalTlbTest.testWalDirectOutOfMemory() hangs [#IGNITE-6493]
  • Fix IgnitePdsThreadInterruptionTest failure with larger number of threads [#IGNITE-6484]
  • Ignite PDS1: Test testGetForInitialWrite failed in IgnitePdsCheckpointSimulationWithRealCpDisabledTest [#IGNITE-6466]
  • JDBC thin: SQLSTATE is not set for BatchUpdateException [#IGNITE-6465]
  • Timed out test IgnitePdsAtomicCacheRebalancingTest.testTopologyChangesWithConstantLoad [#IGNITE-6428]
  • Failures in .NET test suite [#IGNITE-6404]
  • IgniteSqlNotNullConstraintTest.testTransactionalAddColumnNotNullCheckDmlInsertValues fails periodically [#IGNITE-6403]
  • SQL: Support SQLSTATE error code for "NOT NULL" constraint [#IGNITE-6396]
  • Uncomment JdbcThinStatementSelfTest.testCloseOnCompletion [#IGNITE-6395]
  • JDBC thin driver: JdbcThinTcpIo.srvProtocolVer is not used [#IGNITE-6391]
  • Calculating cache size during cache stop sporadically fails with ClusterGroupEmptyCheckedException [#IGNITE-6355]
  • Thin clients: close query cursors on disconnect [#IGNITE-6330]
  • JDBC thin: statement type mismatch error is handled incorrect [#IGNITE-6326]
  • Fix ALTER TABLE tests failures [#IGNITE-6314]
  • JDBC thin protocol compatibility is broken [#IGNITE-6291]
  • NPE on SQL query with parameters on custom schema name [#IGNITE-6288]
  • TxPessimisticDeadlockDetectionTest.testDeadlocksPartitionedNear and TxPessimisticDeadlockDetectionTest.testDeadlocksReplicated is failing flaky [#IGNITE-6262]
  • are not delivered via JDBC [#IGNITE-6220] Values of types int and long[]
  • Unexpected setting local deployment owner anyone node [#IGNITE-6213]
  • Inefficient memory consumption for checkpoint buffer [#IGNITE-6210]
  • Test fail DynamicIndexReplicatedAtomicConcurrentSelfTest.testClientReconnectWithCacheRestart [#IGNITE-6179]
  • JDBC: consistent product name across all drivers [#IGNITE-6170]
  • TxOptimisticDeadlockDetectionTest.testDeadlocksPartitioned is failing [#IGNITE-5865]
  • Test flakily fails [#IGNITE-5403]
  • File interop_target.h is missing from source-release [#IGNITE-4591]
  • Affinity task hangs when Collision SPI produces a lot of job rejections & Failover SPI produces many attempts [#IGNITE-3558]

.NET: Features and Improvements

.NET: Fixed

C++: Features and Improvements

C++: Fixed