GridGain Professional Edition 2.1.2 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • Skip deploy lgpl modules into repository [#IGNITE-5762]
  • Ignore non user caches when automatically choosing a queryable cache inside JDBC driver [#IGNITE-5744]
  • NPE during populated data (CacheQueryDdlExample) [#IGNITE-5735]
  • Duplicate dependencies in POM [#IGNITE-5726]
  • SQL: It should be possible to execute SQL queries over cache with no indexed types [#IGNITE-5711]
  • Web console: H2 version in pom file depends from Ignite version [#IGNITE-5710]
  • Some nodes have partitionUpdateCounter == 0 after rebalancing [#IGNITE-5701]
  • IgniteAtomicLongChangingTopologySelfTest.testClientQueueCreateCloseFailover() fails sometimes [#IGNITE-5694]
  • IgnitePartitionedSemaphoreSelfTest.testSemaphore() sometimes fails [#IGNITE-5693]
  • IgnitePdsCacheRebalancingAbstractTest suite hangs on TC [#IGNITE-5692]
  • Fix SparseDistributedMatrixTest::testCacheBehaviour crash [#IGNITE-5688]
  • Endless partition eviction during node shutdown [#IGNITE-5686]
  • JDBC: Prepared statement shouldn't clear params after query execution [#IGNITE-5685]
  • IgniteClientCacheStartFailoverTest.testClientStartLastServerFails* fails [#IGNITE-5684]
  • Web Console: missing fully qualified name for generated indexed types on Models Screen [#IGNITE-5683]
  • IgniteAtomicLongChangingTopologySelfTest.testClientQueueCreateCloseFailover fails [#IGNITE-5681]
  • ODBC: Few consecutive inserts lead to exception [#IGNITE-5663]
  • Primary index name should contain type ID or name [#IGNITE-5662]
  • Web Console: some checkbox are misaligned [#IGNITE-5656]
  • AtomicSequence usage inside transactions may cause deadlock [#IGNITE-5613]
  • Activate fails in case node was stopped with cancel=true and big objects in cache [#IGNITE-5604]
  • Web console: Agent should check that node URL is valid [#IGNITE-5599]
  • WAL Iteration stopped with exception after writting log with background mode [#IGNITE-5598]
  • Actualize VisorMemoryPolicyConfiguration, check fields [#IGNITE-5577]
  • ServiceProcessor may process failed reassignments in timeout thread [#IGNITE-5554]
  • Deadlock Detection uses IgniteCheckedException instead of TransactionTimeoutException [#IGNITE-5548]
  • NPE (PersistentStoreExample) [#IGNITE-5538]
  • CREATE INDEX failed if table has been re-created [#IGNITE-5533]
  • Assertion Error in GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture : msg == null [#IGNITE-5529]
  • IS_EVICT_DISABLED flag is not cleared when cache store throws an exception [#IGNITE-5528]
  • GridDeferredAckMessageSender can cause starvation in stripe pool on unstable topology [#IGNITE-5527]
  • Large near caches lead to cluster instability with metrics enabled [#IGNITE-5521]
  • IgniteChangeGlobalStateFailOverTest hangs activate on join node [#IGNITE-5520]
  • IgnitePdsCacheRebalancingAbstractTest hangs [#IGNITE-5514]
  • AssertionError: GridDhtPartitionsExchangeFuture [#IGNITE-5512]
  • SqlQuery fails with WHERE clause on LocalDateTime field [#IGNITE-5483]
  • Visor shows wrong statistics for off heap memory [#IGNITE-5461]
  • Tree is being concurrently destroyed error [#IGNITE-5454]
  • SQL: Incorrect partition is derived from query when argument type differs from column type [#IGNITE-5437]
  • GridServiceProxy does not unwraps exception message from InvocationTargetException [#IGNITE-5424]
  • Add possibility to generate alias for primary key in WebConsole [#IGNITE-5369]
  • AssertionError in index name check [#IGNITE-5340]
  • SqlFieldsQuery result set should expose fields metadata [#IGNITE-5252]
  • GridDhtPartitionDemander.requestPartitions invokes sendMessages consequently, which lead to significant increase of node start time on large clusters with ssl [#IGNITE-5232]
  • Web Console: Add support for Ignite 2.0 cluster on Queries screen [#IGNITE-5231]
  • The Unicode character in the value of a field which are included in an un-unique index will cause "stack overhead" exception [#IGNITE-5204]
  • NPE at CacheDataStoreImpl.canUpdateOldRow during load test [#IGNITE-5192]
  • ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in GridMergeIndexSorted [#IGNITE-5190]
  • Web console: Implement configuration of cache memory pagination [#IGNITE-5185]
  • Dependency to outdated Lucene 3.5.0 [#IGNITE-3562]
  • Need to create gc log for each client separately [ yardstick-ignite ] [#IGNITE-3176]

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C++: Features and Improvements