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Packages that use GridReducer2
org.gridgain.grid.lang icon Contains general language constructs and functional APIs. 
org.gridgain.grid.typedef icon Contains typedefs definitions for frequently used classes. 

Uses of GridReducer2 in org.gridgain.grid.lang

Subclasses of GridReducer2 in org.gridgain.grid.lang
 class GridReducer2X<E1,E2,R>
          Convenient reducer subclass that allows for thrown grid exception.

Methods in org.gridgain.grid.lang that return GridReducer2
<E2> GridReducer2<E1,E2,R>
          Gets reducer that ignores its second argument passed to method GridReducer2.collect(Object, Object) and works as this reducer with just one first argument.

Methods in org.gridgain.grid.lang with parameters of type GridReducer2
<X,Y,R> R
GridFunc.reduce(Map<? extends X,? extends Y> m, GridReducer2<? super X,? super Y,R> f)
          Reduces given map into single value using given for-all closure.

Uses of GridReducer2 in org.gridgain.grid.typedef

Subclasses of GridReducer2 in org.gridgain.grid.typedef
 class R2<E1,E2,R>
          Defines alias for GridReducer2 by extending it.
 class RX2<E1,E2,R>
          Defines alias for GridReducer2X by extending it.

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