Querying and Indexing of Geometric Data Types and Their Spatial and Locational Relationships with Geospatial Functionality

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform provides geospatial functionality for applications and services that require gathering, storing, and processing geospatial data. For this reason, the GridGain in-memory computing platform allows for querying and indexing of geometric data types such as points, lines and polygons and the consideration of the spatial and locational relationships between them. This capability is tightly integrated with the GridGain In-Memory SQL Grid.

Spatial query capabilities, as well as available functions and operands, are defined in GridGain by the Simple Features Specification for SQL. The specification is fully implemented by the JTS Topology Suite which is used by GridGain along with H2 to build the unique geospatial component that works in a distributed and fault-tolerant fashion.

In-memory geospatial data is available to applications to compute spatial measurements, perform operations based on spatial functions, and conduct analysis of the spatial relationships between geometries.