Distributed In-Memory File System for Similar Functionality to HDFS But In-Memory

The GridGain® Distributed In-Memory File System provides a file system interface to its in-memory data called Ignite File System (IGFS). IGFS delivers similar functionality to Hadoop HDFS, but only in memory. IGFS is at the core of the GridGain In-Memory Accelerator for Hadoop.

With the GridGain Distributed In-Memory File System, the data from each file is split on separate data blocks and stored in cache. Developers can access each file’s data with a standard Java streaming API. For each part of the file, a developer can calculate an affinity and process the file’s content on corresponding nodes to avoid unnecessary networking.

  • In-Memory File System
  • List Directories
  • Get Information for a Single Path
  • Create/Move/Delete Files or Directories
  • Write/Read Data Streams into/from Files