Database Caching Using GridGain

Keep Most Frequently Used Data at the Application Layer

GridGain provides outstanding support for database caching. In a traditional three tier architecture, the application tier is separated from the data tier via the network. This creates substantial latency problems for modern real-time applications as data has to travel from databases to the application tier and, when processed, be quickly discarded as it is no longer needed – only to be fetched again on the subsequent request from the client tier.

Database caching on the application tier is the key approach to mitigate the inherent latency of any three tier architecture. Specifically, in-memory data caching systems allow to keep most frequently used data at the application level, dramatically reducing queries to fetch data over the network from the database. This results in consistent, order-of-magnitude better performance and response times, while leaving the existing database infrastructure unchanged.

The database caching capabilities in the GridGain in-memory computing platform leverage the system's in-memory data grid to support a wide variety of underlying data store types including RDBMS, NoSQL and Hadoop, as well as full ACID transactions, horizontal and vertical scaling options, and data center replication. The GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric offers first class support for Java/.NET/C++ applications, and provides industry leading security, management and monitoring functionality.