Introducing the GridGain Community Edition, Built on Apache Ignite

GridGain Community Edition is a hardened, high performance, open source in-memory computing platform. Built on Apache® Ignite™, it includes additional functionality, tuning and patches developed by GridGain® to deliver optimal performance in production environments. The Community Edition also undergoes extensive QA testing to ensure it delivers reliable performance out of the box. Learn more about the GridGain Community Edition and all the resources you can leverage from GridGain to help you successfully deploy a high performance in-memory computing platform built on open source into production. This session will cover:

  • An overview of the Community Edition including the extra code in the product as well as the extra testing it undergoes
  • The support resources and options for Apache Ignite and the Community Edition

By the end of this session, you will understand the similarities and differences between Apache Ignite and the GridGain Community Edition. You will also understand the resources available to you to help ensure the performance of your production environment when using either of these solutions.

Presented by
Denis Magda
Director of product management, GridGain Systems
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