NYC In-Memory Computing Meetups: Open Source Fest w/ Kafka, Ignite, Alluxio + How to Accelerate Analytic Queries (Part 1)

GridGain Meetups provide the in-memory computing community with a venue to discuss in-memory computing issues, solutions, and examples. These meetups feature talks from in-memory computing experts. Our summertime-themed edition Meetup on June 26, 2019, featured three talks:

  • Talk 1: A “How-To” Presentation for Building a Real-Time Alerting, Analytics and Reporting Systems (at Scale). With Denis Magda, Vice President of the Apache Ignite PMC and Director of Product Management at GridGain Systems, and Viktor Gamov, Developer Advocate at Confluent
  • Talk 2: Using In-Memory Technology for Real-Time Analytics. With Andy Rivenes, Product Manager at Oracle for Database In-Memory.
  • Talk 3: Feeding Data to the Kubernetes Beast: Bringing Data Locality to Your Containerized Big Data Workloads. With Madan Kumar, Engineer at Alluxio, Inc.

This video is part one of two.

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