Cloud Scale Read/Write SQL Caching with No Code and Great Latency - Stream Processing at Scale

Talk 1: In this talk, learn how to use an Application Tier Database Cache with SQL. Writing a naive SQL read or write cache is easy. Writing a SQL read/write cache with cache coherency, concurrency, ACID transactions and high availability is hard. Having your SQL read/write cache enable a latency of less than 1 ms at the 99th percentile without any user code is very hard. Doug’s talk will unpack it all and make it easy to understand.

Talk 2: Stream Processing is a Big Data technology used to query continuous data streams and quickly (within milliseconds) detect conditions based on that data. However, making stream processing scale requires making all the components (messaging, processing and storage) scale together. Easier said than done. Until now. Akmal will share some of the best practices companies have used for making the open source Apache Kafka and open source Apache Ignite scale.

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