GridGain In-Memory Computing Technical Presentations

Technical Presentations About GridGain and Apache Ignite

These technical presentations, developed and presented by GridGain in-memory computing experts, will help you understand, configure, and deploy the GridGain® and Apache Ignite® in-memory computing solutions. The presentations cover topics including in-memory computing, in-memory databases, stream processing, digital integration hubs, data lake acceleration, machine learning, deep learning, and how to apply these technologies and others to power digital transformation.

In this webinar, GridGain System’s Solution Architect Dani Traphagen will walk through the basics of a Kubernetes and Apache Ignite deployment, including:
In this session, Valentin Kulichenko, GridGain System’s Lead Architect, will give an overview of Apache® Ignite™ and GridGain capabilities that allow the delivery as much availability as possible, while not breaking data consistency. Valentin will give specific guidelines on how to build such systems, and will do a deep dive into topics like:
During this webinar, we discuss how in-memory computing is being used to increase the performance and scalability of the following:
In this webinar, GridGain Systems Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder Dmitriy Setrakyan will cover the key new features in GridGain and Apache Ignite, including one-of-a-kind support for distributed, transactional, ACID-compliant disk persistence coupled with full SQL compatibility.
During this session, Akmal Chaudhri, GridGain System's Technical Evangelist, will do a deep-dive on the architecture of Apache Ignite's ACID-compliant transactional subsystem, elaborating on the following:
During this webinar, we will discuss the different types of financial data, ways financial and fintech companies process it, and show how in-memory computing is used to instantaneously analyze and make decisions based on internally and externally available data. 
Join GridGain Systems Product Manager Denis Magda as he introduces the newest features in Apache Ignite 2.0 including the dramatically improved memory architecture and enhanced SQL DDL support. Apache Ignite 2.0 is a turnkey release which blends a distributed in-memory SQL database (IMDB) and an in-memory key-value data grid (IMDG) under one data management platform…
During this webinar, join GridGain Systems’ Matt Sarrel, Director of Technical Marketing, and Rachel Pedreschi, Lead Solutions Architect as they discuss the advantages of GridGain’s In-Memory Data Grid, how it works, how customers are using it, and how it works with other components to create a complete in-memory computing platform.
In this webinar hosted by GridGain Systems and 451 Research, you’ll hear about the compelling drivers for in-memory computing technologies: especially in-memory databases, data grids, and platforms.
During this 1-hour webinar, we explain and demonstrate how to build a fast data solution that can receive endless IoT-generated streams and process them in real-time using Apache Ignite's distributed in-memory computing platform. In particular, you will learn the following: ·       How to stream data to an Apache Ignite cluster from embedded devices
During this webinar, we will discuss the use of in-memory computing to support the following:
This webinar discusses how in-memory computing using Apache® Ignite™ can overcome the performance limitations common to microservices architectures built using traditional database architectures. 
During this webinar, we will discuss opportunities to modernize payments infrastructures using in-memory computing to bring about reliable, scalable, high-performing and secure payment solutions.  Topics include: