Using In-Memory Computing to Deliver Amazing Online Travel Reservation Experiences

Travel reservation websites have always been at the forefront of computing. The travel booking industry has consistently been one of the first to leverage new technology innovations to deliver great user experiences. The rise of the internet and digital business has led most travelers to expect a seamless, personalized and real-time experience whenever they book travel. But it is not easy to deliver that experience. Consumers expect real-time responsiveness for every search and transaction. However, query volumes have grown 100-1000x over the last decade and the data used to deliver each personalized result has grown 50x or more.

The GridGain® in-memory computing platform and Apache IgniteTM, the open source project on which GridGain is built, are used by companies worldwide to deliver in-memory speed and unlimited system scalability for real-time reservation systems. Several of the innovative reservation systems in online travel such as those for Expedia, HomeAway, JacTravel and TUI Group rely on GridGain and Apache Ignite to deliver a real-time, personalized, seamless end-to-end experience to their customers.

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