Taneja Group Report: Memory is the Hidden Secret to Success with Big Data: GridGain's Hadoop Accelerator


While IT shops may be generally familiar with traditional in-memory databases - and IT resource economics are shifting rapidly in favor of in-memory options - less is known about how an in-memory approach is a game-changing enabler to big data efforts. In this report, The Taneja Group:

  • Examines Hadoop and it’s fundamental building blocks to see why high performance big data projects, those that are more interactive, real-time, streaming, and operationally focused have needed to continue to look for yet newer solutions.
  • Discusses how GridGain’s In-Memory Hadoop Accelerator can simply “plug-and-play” into Hadoop, immediately and transparently accelerating big data analysis by orders of magnitude.
  • Evaluates GridGain’s enterprise robustness, performance and scalability, and considers how it enables a whole new set of competitive solutions unavailable over native databases and batch-style Hadoop.