Webinar: Deadlock-free Transactions and Other Powerful Features of GridGain v7.5

Transaction deadlocks are a serious impediment to the performance of big data/fast data systems. Such problems are very difficult to spot and are even harder to debug. In production, they require a full cluster restart, leading to costly system down times.

That’s why GridGain made it a priority to build out the deadlock-free transactions feature that had been available for some time in Apache® Ignite™ in the recently released GridGain In-Memory Data Fabric v. 7.5 Enterprise and Professional Editions. Extensive load testing and bug fixes were performed to ensure that this critical feature was available in the enterprise-class, ready-for-production application.

Of course, this was not the only great enhancement made available in this release. Other significant performance improvements include:

  • New integrations with other products including Oracle® GoldenGate, Apache® Camel™, and Apache® Kafka™

  • Improvements to the zero-deployment model which allows you to change your class model dynamically without restarting the cluster

To help users better understand how these powerful capabilities can dramatically boost performance -- whether they are running GridGain 7.5 in a mission-critical production environment or just experimenting with Apache Ignite -- Dmitriy Setrakyan, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at GridGain and Chairman of Apache Ignite Management Committee will provide a deep-dive webinar titled “ Faster In-Memory Computing with No Deadlocks: GridGain 7.5 and Apache® Ignite 1.5™” on May 17, 2016 at 11:00 AM Pacific.

Dmitriy will also provide a sneak peek at features users can look forward to in GridGain 7.6 and Apache Ignite 1.6.

Don’t miss this in-depth webinar that will reveal how deadlock-free transactions and other key features in GridGain 7.5 can help you boost performance with ease. Register now.