Recap of May 2 London In-Memory Computing Meetup

London In-Memory Computing MeetupLast night at the London In-Memory Computing Meetup we took a deep dive look at Apache® Ignite™ and got a room of mostly new Ignite users to build a production ready app in just under an hour! The event was sponsored and co-hosted by GridGain.

We started the evening introducing the room to Apache Ignite doing a quick Ignite 101 followed by a quick introduction and Hypi 101.

Most of the room hadn’t used Ignite or Hypi in production yet so we introduced GraphQL (the main modeling and query language used in Hypi).

Ignite is a distributed memory centric database and computing platform. It has many APIs including SQL, Key value, machine learning, deep learning, messaging, compute and many more.

Hypi is a low-code application development platform that builds on top of Ignite enabling you to harness the power of Ignite at the click of a few buttons. It takes advantage of GraphQL and directive triggered serverless functions to do this.

For last night’s event the audience built a todo app, many completed the basic features (creating, editing, deleting, listing and advanced full-text searching), some got as far as using groups, sharing and other authorization policies that Hypi enabled them to do in a few minutes. You can download my slides here.

In related news, I'll be speaking at the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019. The conference runs June 3-4 in London. In my talk, I'll explain how Hypi's trivialized graphs using GraphQL for simple API definitions, exploiting object relationships to implicitly define edges/relations. The sessions is titled, "Building a Graph Centric Platform on Ignite."