Presenting At Scalathon 2011 And Boston Scala User Group

I will be presenting the talk "Distributed Functional Programming Done Right" atScalathon 2011 hosted at Penn University on July 16-17th. What a great crowd!

Looking forward to catch up with folks from Circumflex and give my grief to good people developing IDEA Scala plugin :) Two days of Scala hacking - I'll probably going to be wiped out for sure in the end.

Right after two grueling days at Scalathon 2011 I will stop by at Boston to present "In-Memory Data Grid with Scala and GridGain" to Boston Scala User Group.

Last time I presented there (a year ago) - it was a great talk!

If you are round Boston and interested in In-Memory Data Grids (and Scala!) - make sure to stop by!
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