Munich, Hamburg and Amsterdam: Akmal's Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup tour!

Munich, Hamburg and Amsterdam: Akmal's Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup tour!GridGain technology evangelist Akmal Chaudhri is in the middle of another three-day, three city meetup tour this week – this time around featuring Kubernetes. All three meetups are sold-out! (They are all free events but the RSVP limit maxed out).  


Yesterday he spoke at the München Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup; this evening he’ll be the featured speaker at the Hamburg Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup and tomorrow night he’ll deliver a talk at the Amsterdam Kubernetes/Cloud-Native Meetup.


Akmal’s talk at all three meetups is titled: "Distributed Database DevOps Dilemmas? Kubernetes to the rescue!"


Summary: Distributed databases can make so many things easier for a developer, but not always for DevOps. Kubernetes has come to the rescue with an easy application orchestration!


It is straightforward to do the orchestration leaning on relational databases as a data layer. However, it is more difficult to do the same when a distributed SQL database or other kind of distributed storage is used instead.


In this presentation, attendees will learn how Kubernetes can orchestrate a distributed database like Apache Ignite, in particular:

• Cluster Assembling - database nodes auto-discovery in Kubernetes.

• Database Resilience - automated horizontal scalability.

• Database Availability - what’s the role of Kubernetes and the database.

• Utilizing both RAM and disk - set up Apache Ignite in a way to get in-memory performance with the durability of disk.


All three meetups this week are part of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). The CNCF is an open-source foundation created to make cloud-native computing universal. It promotes the use of dynamically orchestrated containerized applications in a microservices architecture on any public, private or hybrid cloud.


A big shout-out to the organizer of these meetups, Loodse, for inviting Akmal to speak this week. Loodse helps businesses run their container-based infrastructure with instances that are easy to set up, operate and dispose -- regardless of location and scale.