"Modern HPC with GridGain & Scala" at NYC Scala Meetup

NYC Scala Meetup
Tuesday, June 5, 2012 6:30 PM

Meetup HQ - 9th Floor
632 Broadway Suite 901, New York, NY

Dmitriy Setrakyan, CTO at GridGain Systems, will present at NY Scala Meetup. Dmitriy Setrakyan will talk about using GridGain for highly distributed HPC programming in Scala.

As one of the main example we will be walking through a realtime word counting program with constantly changing text and will compare it with a Hadoop word counting example. You will see some cool features of GridGain such as Auto-Discovery, Streaming MapReaduce, Zero Deployment, Distributed Data Partitioning, and In-Memory SQL Queries — all coded live in the presentation. Towards the end we will have an extensive Q&A session and cover some interesting real life use cases.