Meetup Report: Big Data Tour Week 4

This is week 4 of the Big Data meetup tour. Only one city this week and that was Oslo. So, this meetup report will be quite short.

Day 11: Oslo

Quite a long time ago, I visited Oslo when working for a previous employer. That last trip was in winter time and there was lots of snow. This time, no snow and very mild weather.

Having stayed in some airport hotels over the past few weeks where it was necessary to use a hotel shuttle or bus, it was a pleasant surprise to find that an Oslo airport hotel was just a short walk from the terminal under a covered path. The airport also has an express train service to Oslo Central Station. From the Central Station, a short tram ride got me to the meetup venue.

I was one of two speakers at the meetup and since there was more time available, I focused a little more on Apache® Ignite™, its background, and architecture. There was good attendance at the meetup, as shown in Figure 1.

Figure 1. Oslo.

Figure 1. Oslo.

The audience was a mixture of Data Scientists and developers, which was ideal since Ignite supports both Machine Learning that would appeal to the Data Scientists, and its ability to scale and deliver fast performance that would appeal to the developers.

After my presentation, I was asked about Ignite’s support for C++ and .NET. These are two top languages that are supported in addition to Java. Previously, I have also written an article discussing how Java and .NET can be used together with Ignite.

After the presentations were finished, I had some good discussions with attendees about Ignite and some of its features.


A short trip to Oslo on this occasion, but very worthwhile. Another great opportunity to reach Data Scientists and developers and enable them on some of the features of Ignite.