Introducing Apache® Ignite™ in London

GridGain recently presented an introduction to Apache® Ignite™ talk at the Docklands.LJC Meetup group in London where the theme was big data and NoSQL. Following an opening presentation on NoSQL, Christos Erotocritou, Solutions Architect at GridGain systems, followed up with his presentation, “Introducting Apache Ignite”. After covering a brief history of the project from the initial inception of GridGain to the graduation of Apache Ignite from the Apache Software Foundation incubator, he focused on explaining the meaning of “In-Memory Data Fabric” (IMDF) and the distinctions between In-Memory Data Grid (IMDG) and In-Memory Compute Grid (IMCG).

Attendees showed a keen interest in the technology, with several insightful questions from the crowd on topics such as how Ignite maintains data consistency and high availability when using memory as the primary data store. Many of the questions sought comparisons to other vendors such as Hazelcast and Oracle Coherence. Overall the audience were impressed by the extremely rich feature set of Apache Ignite. It was also clear that people appreciated that all this functionality is available in a free, fully open source Apache project as opposed to privately run open source projects such as Hazelcast. It looks like the UK is catching on to the Apache Ignite explosion.