Impressions from Percona Live Conference

This is GridGain’s first year exhibiting at Percona Live. Despite the fact that this is a heavily database-oriented conference and audience, I found it to be both refreshing and interesting to meet new people and introduce them to the world of in-memory computing, Apache Ignite and GridGain.

Very few of the people we've talked to had a lot of experience with in-memory computing - and understandably so. The database world tends to be conservative and heavily SQL oriented. It was great to introduce a lot of new people to the concept of in-memory computing.

As someone who has seen the power of in-memory computing first-hand many times, I tend to take it for granted. That’s why it is exciting to introduce people who are just learning about the potential of in-memory computing to massively improve the performance and scalability of data driven applications.

A lot of really interesting companies stopped by our booth, including Facebook, Box, Percona, and many more. All-in-all it's been a great conference, great organization and a great crowd. What else can you wish for?