Impressions from IoT World

When I arrived at IoT World on Wednesday morning, I got my badge, went onto the expo floor and got a cup of coffee to pierce the morning fog. It was still early, the only people milling around were expo vendors putting the final touches on booths. I started a slow stroll looking for our booth. I kept finding new areas: Startup land with chain link fences (I kid you not), futuristic cars sitting smack in the middle of the floor, and so, so many vendors pitching everything under the sun in wearables.

I finally found our booth, quietly tucked amongst some other horizontal software solutions. I quickly set up the ipads and brochures and sat down to find a Wifi connection.

SO MANY WIFI CONNECTIONS! I have been to a lot of conferences, but I have never had to scroll through that many wifi connections before. And then it dawned on me. I was literally smack dab in the middle of the Internet of Things. Millions of devices, and the software and hardware infrastructures required to support these "edge" systems. Networking, security, support, databases, etc..

And the people came. The show floor came to life with sharply dressed people looking for information on how to monetize all this buzz. Lunch lines were wrapped around buildings, staff couldn't keep the coffee pots full. The foot traffic at our booth was brisk, with most people genuinely curious with what we were doing and how they could leverage it. Some had built in-memory solutions 40 years ago. Others were talking excitedly about the new Intel chips and what they meant for memory optimized computing.

This is going to be big, folks. Correction - It’s already big. The right people and the right companies are looking at this as the future. GridGain is so well positioned to take a large portion of this market. We have the speed and scalability these companies require to keep their IoT systems keep buzzing....