GridGain/Apache® Ignite™ community update for March, April

GridGain/Apache® Ignite™ community update for March, AprilGridGain Systems will be hosting and/or participating in several industry events during March and April, where the company’s experts will share the latest information and developments related to in-memory computing technology and business trends.

Let's take a closer look at these upcoming events (conferences, webinars and meetups).


  • Big Data Paris 2019 – March 11-12, 2019 – GridGain will be exhibiting at this major European event focused on providing a comprehensive overview of the Big Data industry’s opportunities, prospects and technologies. GridGain will be in Booth A48.
  • JPoint International Java conference (Moscow, Russia) – April 5-6, 2019 – GridGain Group Head in R&D Dmitry Govorukhin will be speaking on "What every Java developer Should Know About Disk IO.” He will share his personal experiences developing disk-intensive applications and developing the Apache Ignite Native Persistence Store.
  • Saint Highload++ (Saint Petersburg, Russia) – April 8-9, 2019 – GridGain’s Senior Software Engineer Ivan Rakov will discuss how asynchronous transactional replication is organized in GridGain. GridGain’s Team Lead in Customer Success Stanislav Lukyanov will speak about supporting multiple product development in Git.
  • Spark+AI Summit 2019 (San Francisco) – April 23-25, 2019 – GridGain's Alexey Zinovyev will present “Distributed Machine Learning/Deep Learning (ML/DL) with Ignite ML Module Using Apache Spark as a Database.” The presentation will include live demos of machine learning pipeline building with the Apache Ignite ML module, Apache® Spark, Apache® Kafka®, TensorFlow and more.


  • Apache Ignite for Node.js Developers – March 20, 2019 – GridGain Technology Evangelist Akmal Chaudhri will provide examples of how to use Node.js with Ignite, including instantiating an Ignite client, creating an Ignite client configuration, connecting a client to an Ignite cluster node, obtaining an Ignite storage instance and more.
  • Scalable Full Text Search with Apache Ignite – March 21, 2019 – Courtney Robinson, CTO of Hypi, will discuss the benefits of using Ignite to implement full text search support with Boolean logic, phrase, keyword matches and more.
  • Introducing the GridGain Community Edition, Built on Apache Ignite – April 17, 2019 – GridGain Director of Product Management and Vice President of Apache Ignite PMC Denis Magda will provide an overview of the Community Edition, including the extra code in the product and the extra testing it undergoes. He will also describe GridGain Support resources and options for Apache Ignite and the Community Edition.


  • Shanghai In-Memory Computing Meetup – March 13, 2019 – GridGain’s Director of Solution Architecture for the Asia Pacific and Japan regions Stephen Leung, and Jiang Xuxi, Deputy Director of Intelligent Application R&D Center, Suning Technology Group, will present “Relational DBMSs with Apache Ignite: Faster Transactions and Analytics.” The discussion will include how Suning is using Ignite to improve business operational performance and scalability.
  • Open Data Science Meetup Saint Petersburg (Russia) – March 15, 2019 – GridGain Machine Learning Team Leader Yuri Babak will explain how to use TensorFlow with Apache Ignite, including Apache Ignite as a distributed data source for TensorFlow, distributed deep learning model training on the TensorFlow cluster over Apache Ignite, and inference TensorFlow models on an Apache Ignite cluster.
  • Apache Roadshow Washington DC – March 25, 2019 – GridGain will be sponsoring and speaking at this free one-day event hosted by the Apache Software Foundation, George Mason University, and the Center for Assurance Research & Engineering (CARE) with the GMU Volgenau School of Engineering.
  • Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup – March 26, 2019 – GridGain Director of Product Management and Vice President of Apache Ignite PMC Denis Magda will be speaking at this free two-hour event in Menlo Park. Details will be available soon.
  • Chicago PostgreSQL Meetup – March 26, 2019 – GridGain will be presenting “PostgreSQL with Apache Ignite: Faster Transactions and Analytics.” The discussion will show the benefits of combining a highly-scalable, high-velocity, grid-based in-memory SQL database with a robust, full-featured SQL persistent datastore for advanced analytics and data-warehouse capabilities.
  • NYC In-Memory Computing Meetup – March 28, 2019 – Details will be available soon for this featured event in Manhattan.

That's all for this update. And if you can get to London June 3-4, be sure to attend the In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2019. I have 10 tickets for just £50 using the promotional code "Tom50" at registration for the first 10 alert readers of this post. Good luck!