GridGain/Apache® Ignite™ community update (Issue 5)

In-Memory Computing Summit North AmericaGridGain just wrapped up another successful In-Memory Computing (IMC) Summit North America. The conference – the only industry-wide event for in-memory computing users – ran Oct. 24-25 near San Francisco and attracted some 300 data-science professionals from around the world. 

The keynotes were recorded and will be available on the IMC Summit's YouTube channel in the next couple of days. All of the sessions were also recorded, but without video. However (and perhaps even better), they will also be available for playback along with the deck. More like a screencast. I encourage you to take a look at the agenda and then decide which sessions are of the most interest. 

Over the next couple of weeks, GridGain will host or participate in the following conferences, webinars and meetups:


  • Big Data London 2017, Nov. 15-16 – GridGain will be in booth #227 to discuss the need for in-memory computing for real-time big data applications.
  • Open Data Science Conference (ODSC), Nov. 2-4 – On Friday, Nov. 3, GridGain Product Manager and Apache Ignite PMC Chairman Denis Magda will present “Apache Ignite: The In-Memory Hammer in Your Data Science Toolkit.”
  • Devoxx Morocco, Nov. 14-16 – On Thursday, Nov. 16, GridGain Technology Evangelist Akmal Chaudhri will present “Apache Spark and Apache Ignite: Where Fast Data Meets the IoT.”




  • Sydney IBM Bluemix Meetup Group, Nov. 2 – GridGain Director of Solutions Architecture Rachel Pedreschi will present “Fast Data meets Big Data in the IoT – Using Apache Ignite.”
  • Bay Area Apache® Ignite™ Meetup, Nov. 2  – GridGain Lead Architect Valentin Kulichenko will present “Building Consistent and Highly Available Distributed Systems with Apache Ignite and GridGain.” GridGain Product Manager and Apache Ignite PMC Chairman Denis Magda will follow with “Harnessing the 21st Century with a Distributed Memory-Centric SQL.”
  • Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup, Nov. 14 – GridGain Director of Solutions Architecture Rachel Pedreschi, will present, “Using GridGain’s Multi-Datacenter Replication to Build a Bulletproof Application.”

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Useful in-memory computing resources

  • Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
  • Habrahabr. Habrahabr (also "Habr") (Russian: Хабрахабр, Хабр) is a Russian collaborative blog with elements of social network about IT, Computer science and anything related to the Internet, owned by Thematic Media.
  • In-Memory Computing Planet (blogs and events) Add you blog feed!
  • Meetup in a Box.” If you would like to speak at a meetup, start or support a meetup, or have questions about meetups in general – let me know! I can help get you up and running with everything you’ll need.
  • The Apache® Ignite™ Forums
  • More Apace Ignite community resources

Please share any resources I've excluded in the comments section and I'll include them in the next edition.