GridGain/Apache® Ignite™ community update (Issue 1)

This is the first in a series of posts every two weeks or so on what’s happening on the community front. Lots going on so let’s get rolling!

Here’s the status, as of today, of the meetup landscape for GridGain experts who will be speaking at a wide variety of meetups around the world. Because this is our first update, let’s take a look at the meetups our experts have spoken at over the past few months…

Coming-up Meetups!

  • Aug. 22: Bay Area Fintech & InsurTech Meetup. (IBM Cloud will host at Foster City office) Talk: GridGain Founder and Chief Product Officer Dmitriy Setrakyan and Denis Madga will explain how in-memory computing is critical for financial applications. A customer case study will also be presented. (Hosted by IBM Cloud in Foster City. Register here.
  • Sept. 13: SF Big Analytics (GridGain sponsored) Talk: “Better Machine Learning with Apache Ignite” with Denis Madga. Register here.

More Upcoming Meetups!

(Please note: organizers of the following meetups have accepted our talk proposals but are still scheduling the meetups. The dates and venues -- and in some cases the speakers -- are TBD). Stay tuned for the next update in a couple weeks!)

Do you manage a meetup and need speakers? Do you have an idea or request for a meetup talk about in-memory computing (or a related) topic? Need support for creating or participating in a related meetup? I can help! Just let me know in the comments section and then we can connect and get it done.

GridGain sponsors several meetups and our experts are always happen to visit yours and speak. Plus when they do, we pay for the food and beverages. Location isn't an issue and many of them are frequently on the road.

Recent blog posts:

Aug. 4: Getting Started with Apache® Ignite™ (Part 7): The Machine Learning Grid (Akmal Chaudhri)

Aug. 3: What you need to know about Apache® Ignite™ 2.0 & 2.1 (Dani Traphagen)

Aug. 2: What's New in Apache Ignite .NET 2.1 (Pavel Tupitsyn)

July 31: Apache® Ignite™ Native Persistence: What about data recovery? Solved! (Denis Madga)

July 23: Implementing the Ignite.NET Plugin: Distributed Semaphore (Pavel Tupitsyn)

July 20: Video: Distributed ACID Transactions in Apache® Ignite™ (Akmal Chaudhri)

July 12: Getting Started with Apache® Ignite™ (Part 6): The Service Grid (Akmal Chaudhri)

July 9: Apache Ignite with Spring Data (Shamim Bhuyian)

July 6: Getting Started with Apache® Ignite™ (Part 5): Distributed SQL database (Akmal Chaudhri)

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In-Memory Computing webinars

Things usually slowdown in summertime – but not when you’re dealing with in-memory computing webinars! If you missed them live you can always watch the video later. Here’s a look at what’s coming up later this month.

August 23 webinar, Deploy like a Boss: Using Kubernetes and Apache Ignite

Because every webinar is recorded, there is a rich library of past webinars available for playback anytime – with the slides also accessible for download. Here’s a peek at the most recent:

In-Memory Computing Summits

The only industry-wide events for in-memory computing users, the In-Memory Computing Summits focus on IMC-related technologies and solutions. The conference is attended by technical decision makers, implementers and developers who make or influence purchasing decisions about in-memory computing, Big Data, Fast Data, IoT and HPC solutions.

The In-Memory Computing Summit Europe 2017 was held in Amsterdam June 20-21 with some 200 attendees from 24 countries gathering to hear keynotes and breakout sessions on a broad range of in-memory computing topics.

Experts from several companies – including, ING, Barclays, Misys, NetApp, Fujitsu and JacTravel – presented topics spanning in-memory computing for financial services, web-scale applications, and the Internet of Things to the state of non-volatile memory technology.

I invite you to explore the some of those great talks on the IMC Summit’s YouTube channel – like the one below featuring GridGain founder and Chief Product Officer Dmitriy Setrakyan titled, “Apache® Ignite™: A Memory Centric Approach to Durable Distributed Systems.”

The videos on the IMC Summit's YouTube channel encompass most of the talks, but here is a list of those featuring Apache Ignite and GridGain:

In related news, the third-annual In-Memory Computing Summit North America is Oct. 24-25 in South San Francisco. The Super-Saver rate is now available. Register here. The agenda is being put together now by the conference committee. It should be available by the next issue.

Useful in-memory computing resources

  • Stack Overflow. Stack Overflow is a question and answer site for professional and enthusiast programmers.
  • Habrahabr. Habrahabr (also "Habr") (Russian: Хабрахабр, Хабр) is a Russian collaborative blog with elements of social network about IT, Computer science and anything related to the Internet, owned by Thematic Media.
  • In-Memory Computing Planet (blogs and events) Add you blog feed!
  • Meetup in a Box.” If you would like to speak at a meetup, start or support a meetup, or have questions about meetups in general – let me know! I can help get you up and running with everything you’ll need.
  • The Apache® Ignite™ Forums
  • More Apace Ignite community resources

Please share any resources I've excluded in the comments section and I'll include them in the next edition.