Webinar: Achieving Fast Data with GridGain's In-Memory Big Data Technology

Join GridGain for a 30-minute webinar, Friday, June 29, 2012, 11am to 11:45am Pacific (2pm to 2:45pm Eastern): "Achieving Fast Data with GridGain's In-Memory Big Data Technology"

Do you need to process live data streams in real time? Are you looking for a way to more quickly fuse, query and run computations across static or warehoused data you already have in Hadoop and other databases? Would your organization gain competitive advantage by getting answers from your data within seconds or less, as opposed to minutes, hours or days?

Big Data means much more than the ability to store lots of information. Hadoop and numerous new and "NOSQL" data technologies are already addressing this requirement. The challenge for industry leading companies and new ventures today, however, is how quickly they can achieve insights, decisions and intelligence from Big Data.

Join GridGain this Friday, June 29, 2012, as we discuss this topic. Jon Webster, GridGain's senior director of business development, and Dmitriy Setrakyan, GridGain co-founder and CTO, will share how GridGain can help your organization turn Big Data into Fast Data. The 30 minute presentation will include ample time for Q&A (15 to 30 minutes).

GridGain technologies provide the leading solution to this challenge, helping organizations add in-memory data and compute grids as a layer above their existing infrastructure, enabling queries and advanced computational tasks on all their important data - orders of magnitude faster than cache and disk-based operations.

Global industry analyst firm, Gartner, describes in-memory platforms as a "top 10" disruptive technology for 2012 and beyond. Are these technologies right for your organization? Spend 30 minutes with GridGain, and see for yourself.

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