GridGain Web Console 2019.11.00 Adds Support for OpenShift

In keeping with our commitment to more regular and frequent releases, GridGain Web Console 2019.11.00 is now available for download from GridGain Downloads and DockerHub. This release includes improvements for deploying Web Console on RedHat OpenShift, updates to the hosted Web Console, and bug fixes.


RedHat OpenShift Support

GridGain and Apache Ignite have supported container-based deployment through Docker and management through Kubernetes and OpenShift for quite some time. While we made Web Console publicly available on DockerHub in the 2019.10.00 release, we needed to make some additional improvements to manage the Web Console frontend and backend images properly through OpenShift. Step by step instructions for OpenShift configuration and deployment can be found in the Web Console documentation.


Web Agent Docker Containers

GridGain Web Console requires three components in order to successfully monitor and manage a GridGain or Ignite cluster; the Web Console application, GridGain/Ignite clusters, and the Web Agent. Web Agent is a small Java application which connects directly to the cluster and facilitates communication between the cluster and Web Console. Web Agent Docker images are now freely available on DockerHub for customers who want to run all of their GridGain and Ignite application components in containers.


Hosted GridGain Web Console Updated

In GridGain Web Console 2019.10.00, we introduced a new Java architecture based on SpringBoot. This version of Web Console how now been rolled out to the Hosted GridGain Web Console. All existing customer data has been migrated to the new architecture automatically. You will need to download and install new Web Agents in order to communicate with the new backend services. 

What's New In Web Console Webinar

A recording for our recent What's New In GridGain Web Console webinar is now available on the GridGain website. This deep dive session goes into all of the changes that were introduced with the architecture.

Additional Resources

Additional information on this release including Fixed Issues can be found in the Web Console Release Notes

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Additional information on installation, configuration, and usage can be found in the Web Console Documentation