GridGain: Presenting at Colorado Software Summit 2007

We will be presenting at Colorado Software Summit 2007 (CSS2007) in October 21-25. CSS07 is a unique developer's conference in many ways... It is about the only conference that is build around the attendees: each presenter runs his presentation every day for a week so that everybody who wants could attend each and every talk removing usual conflicts when you have to pick one talk out of 2 or 3 going on concurrently.

It is a simple fact but hugely important for attendees: during 6 days you get to see practically all talks. Your days away from work are very productive. CSS reminds more of a training camp on new and upcoming Systems, Inc rather than a traditional conference. And it doesn't hurt that it is situated in a beautiful rocky mountain resort and you can always drive to Boulder to unwind after the long conference day...
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