GridGain Enterprise Edition Now on the AWS Marketplace

The GridGain Enterprise Edition, based on Apache® Ignite™, is now available on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace. The GridGain in-memory computing platform allows organizations across multiple industries to rapidly and effectively deploy GridGain’s distributed, massively parallel, in-memory computing solution on AWS. 

GridGain enables users to dramatically accelerate and scale out existing data-intensive application without ripping and replacing their existing databases. The GridGain solution can be deployed both on premises and in the cloud. Many companies choose to deploy GridGain on AWS or Microsoft Azure as it allows for great flexibility, reliability and performance. 

GridGain Systems offers 14 days of free GridGain Standard Enterprise Support to new organizations that deploy the GridGain Enterprise Edition on AWS through the AWS Marketplace. 

Apache Ignite and GridGain users have been deploying the solutions on AWS and Microsoft Azure for years. We are excited to now make it easy for companies to deploy the GridGain Enterprise Edition on these two platforms through their marketplaces.