GridGain 4.3.1 Released!

GridGain 4.3.1 service release includes several important bug fixes and host of new optimizations. It is 100% backward compatible and it is highly recommended update for anyone running production systems on 4.x code line.


Date November 10th, 2012
Version 4.3.1e
Build 10112012

New Features and Enhancements

  • Added remove operation to data loader

  • Significantly improved performance of partition to node mapping

  • Added GridSerializationBenchmark for comparing performance of Java, Kryo, and GridGain serialization

  • Added property-based configuration to remote clients

  • Optimized concurrency for asynchronous methods in C++ client

  • Removed support for Groovy++ DSL Grover

Core Bug Fixes

  • Unmarshalling of SimpleDateFormat fails with NPE

  • Possible NPE in Indexing Manager when using distributed data structures

  • Swap partition iterator skips entries if off-heap iterator is empty

  • `GridDataLoader` does not allow to cache primitive arrays

  • Excessive memory consumption in indexing SPI

  • Add check on startup that GridOptimizedMarshaller is supported by running JDK version

  • If ordered message is timed out, other messages for the same topic may not be processed

  • ScalarPiCalculationExample does not provide correct estimate for PI

Client Connectivity Bug Fixes

  • Client router with explicit default configuration leads to NPE.

  • Repair REST client support to make session token and client ID optional

  • Ping does not work properly in C++ client

Visor Management Bug Fixes

  • Clear and Compact operations in Visor do not account for node selection

  • Move Visor management tasks into a separate thread pool

  • Preload dialog in Visor does not show correct number of keys

  • GC dialog in Visor waits indefinitely for dead nodes

  • Increase tooltip dismiss time in Visor

  • Visor log search does not show nodes table correctly on Windows

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