GridGain 4.3 is Released!

GridGain 4.3 incorporates many optimizations that significantly improve GridGain's performance and memory footprint based directly on feedback from our largest deployments and is 100% backwards compatible with prior 4.x versions.

The new features and performance numbers speak for themselves:

  • Up to 20x better serialization performance compared to standard Java.

  • 3x better performance for collocating computations and data.

  • 3x better query indexing from an improved cache locking implementation.

  • 50% reduction in cache overhead and significantly reduced garbage collection overhead.

  • Dramatically improved BigMemory support provides high-performance off-heap data store that eliminates lengthy garbage collection pauses when working with hundreds of gigabytes of memory.

  • New Data-Affinity-Aware Router supports client communication through the firewall.

  • Significant performance enhancements for Java, C++, and .NET clients.

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