GridGain 3.6 Released!

We've just released GridGain 3.6 - our latest release of GridGain's Real Time Big Dataplatform that allows anyone easily develop, scale and manage compute and data intensive big data applications using integrated Compute and In-Memory Data Grids with Java, Scala and Groovy native APIs.

Some of the key new features and enhancements:

  • "Write From Behind Caching" was finally added to IMDGs

  • REST batch operation support introduced (putAll, removeAll)

  • Eviction filters added

  • Segmentation handling for half-connected network sockets

  • Improvements in GridGain Visor

  • New eviction performance optimizations

  • Significant IMDG preloading performance enhancements

  • New optimization for lock-free reads and low contention writes

  • Cumulative bug fixes and multitude of performance enhancements