GridGain 3.5 Released!

We've just released GridGain 3.5 - our latest stable release of GridGain's Real Time Big Dataplatform that allows anyone easily develop, scale and manage compute and data intensive JVM based applications using integrated Compute and In-Memory Data Grid with Java, Scala and Groovy native APIs.

Some of the key new features and enhancements:

  • Significant performance improvements throughout the product

  • Previously deprecated APIs have been removed

  • Improvements and bug fixed in GridGain Visor

  • Enhancements to GridProjection interface

  • Ability to programmatically start remote nodes in bulk

  • Customizable closure-based MapReduce

  • Enhancements in affinity and co-location

  • Bug fixed in eviction policies in Data Grid

  • Significant improvements and performance enhancements in Swap SPI