GridGain 2.0 Is Finally Here!

It took us extra couple of weeks to fight last minute issues but... here it is, GridGain 2.0 with all the new features, integrations, bug-fixes, core hardening and improved documentation. We'll be updating our wiki-based documentation for the next week so please be patient if there are any discrepancies.

My favorite features: load balancing and data partitioning over any data cache. It is the load balancing that actually took us for a ride when last minute load tests showed non-optimal load balancing under the load. It took one of our best brains to actually notice that balanced distribution was off by ~5-10% and off we went into search for this small problem: is it test, is it something in OS, VM configurations, in the algorithm's math. In the end of the day it turned out to be related to a rounding bug in our code and it was quickly fixed. Along the way we actually made this SPI (adaptive load balancing SPI) more flexible via additional configuration.

I also want to thank all of our customers and users who tried GridGain and gave us back their feedback. It is absolutely clear to me that without this feedback GridGain would be a very different product by now.

So, download GridGain 2.0 and see what makes GridGain the fastest growing Java grid computing framework on the planet!

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