GridGain: 1,000,000 Starts And Counting...

In recent days we've crossed a significant mark at GridGain project - we've reached 1,000,000 starts of our software since the first release of the GridGain almost 2 years ago. The number by itself doesn't have that much significance but it is always flattering to me and to everyone who contributed to this project to know that the fruit of our endless sleepless nights has had a good measure of success. Needless to say the GridGain project is still on a steep growth curve in terms of the usage and adoption. In fact, for most of us it's still coming as a shocking surprise that cloud computing is still considered a cutting edge technology :)

Here's the chart of the monthly usage activity for the GridGain:

I sometimes get asked on who's using us and how we collect the usage information. Since our software is open source and free there's no secret on the later one - every time a GridGain node starts it pings our server to see if there is a new version - we simply record this ping. This, of course, can be disabled and many commercial companies in fact do that (so our stats for businesses are well underreported). We do get a lot of usage from Universities and academia was and still is a very active breeding ground for innovations in grid and cloud computing in general. Universities running large clouds (> 100 nodes) has been a great validation of our technology.

In the end, I want thank everyone who has ever downloaded GridGain and gave it a try. We spent all this time and developed this software - for you - the software developer. We are grateful that so many people around the world found GridGain technology useful for their work and enjoyed using it.

Thanks again!