GridGain 1.5 GA Released!

This is an important release for our project. This release was about hardening core functionality and APIs as well as providing new integrations. GridGain now supports Jboss, Spring, AspectJ, Weblogic, Websphere, Coherence, GigaSpaces, JXInsight, and Mule with native integrations either as loaders, AOP frameworks or SPI implementations.

We also significantly improved our core functionality and simplified the APIs in many ways. Among new features we've added ability for jobs in split to communicate with each other via common task session (for common connected task problem-space). We've also added new tracing SPI and exciting implementation for JXInsight that provides great tracing and monitoring capabilities for GridGain.

Oh, yeah, and we switched ascii-logo back to INFO log level. So, what are you waiting for :-)