Grid Computing is Catching On

Look at this article:

The overriding theme of this article (and it is based off the same IT research in UK) is that Grid Computing is:

  • too expensive

  • too complex

  • too ambiguous in its value

Not surprising these are the same pain factors we attempts to address in our upcoming product:

  • it will be licensed under LGPL and its runtime will be available free of charge

  • it will provide revolutionary simplicity in usage

  • it is developed with small to mid-size business in mind that don't have months and months or even years to realize full ROI

The same research claims that only 8% of participating IT organizations has Grid Computing in their production operations - and so Grid Computing is "not catching on".

To me this number is rather startling, indeed - almost one in 10 companies in UK with any substantial IT already has Grid Computing in their operations. Given the nature of the Grid Computing application and shortcomings of the current offerings - I find this number encouraging and pointing to built-up demand that is unmet by the current products.