Big Data, Oslo V3.0 Meetup -- Sept. 27

Big Data, Oslo V3.0 Meetup -- Sept. 27GridGain technology evangelist Akmal Chaudhri will be a featured speaker at the Big Data, Oslo V3.0 Meetup on Sept. 27 from 6-9 p.m. His talk is titled, "How to become a Big Data Rockstar in 15 minutes!" The secret? Apache Ignite! Apache Ignite is a memory-centric distributed database, caching, and processing platform. It is designed for transactional, analytical, and streaming workloads, delivering in-memory performance at scale.

In this presentation, attendees at the Big Data, Oslo V3.0 Meetup will learn about some of the key capabilities of Ignite, such as:

* Turbocharging SQL queries when working with existing Relational database systems
* Sharing data and state across multiple Spark jobs using RDDs and DataFrames
* Using Ignite’s Machine Learning library for Data Science
* Easing DevOps dilemmas by using Ignite with Kubernetes

Attendees of the Big Data, Oslo V3.0 Meetup will also learn how to download and install Ignite and start to be productive in under 5 minutes.

At the end of this session, attendees will have a solid understanding of Ignite and its rich features and capabilities. This is a free event but an RSVP is required.