Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup roundup from Aug. 20 event

We had a great event in Menlo Park earlier this evening at the Bay Area In-Memory Computing Meetup. Catch the two excellent talks by watching the recording below on GridGain's YouTube page.

The speakers were Nikita Ivanov, Founder & CTO, GridGain Systems and Andy Rivenes [@TheInMemoryGuy], product manager at Oracle for Database In-Memory.

Nikita was up first. His talk was titled: "Ignite Pearls - Insight and Creativity in Distributed Programming."

His talk included several case studies, real-world examples and interesting exercises for learning about how to do a modern distributed programming with Apache® Ignite™.

Andy's talk followed. His presentation was titled, "Oracle Database In-Memory by Example"

Abstract: Starting with Oracle Database 12c a new In-Memory column store is available and is compatible with all existing applications. But how does it work and what steps are required to get started?

Andy's talk included step-by-step examples to demonstrate how Oracle's in-memory dual format enables both super-fast analytics and online transaction processing. It also showed how Database In-Memory integrates with Oracle Database's existing features.