Aug. 28 webinar: Best practices for deploying Apache Ignite in the Cloud

Moving Apache® Ignite™ into Production: Best Practices for Deploying Apache Ignite in the CloudJoin Greg Stachnick, GridGain's director of product management, for a free one-hour webinar on Aug. 28 at 10 a.m. Pacific time and learn about deploying Apache® Ignite™ into production in public and private clouds. Register here.

Companies have faced many challenges when deploying in-memory computing platforms such as Apache Ignite in the cloud, but they have also discovered many best practices that have made success possible.

The topics in this webinar will include:

  • The differences between on-premises deployments using Docker and Kubernetes, and the public cloud providers
  • Recommendations on the right cloud-native tooling for development and operations (DevOps)
  • Techniques for data replication and migrating data to the cloud.

Today, the majority of all Apache Ignite developers deploy Ignite in some sort of cloud, whether private on-premises clouds that use Kubernetes and Docker to simplify scalability, or in public clouds to reduce operational overhead. Nearly half of the people deploying Apache Ignite in the cloud are using or planning to use at least one of the major public clouds: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, or Oracle Cloud. The challenge is how to preserve both speed and horizontal, elastic scalability together.

About The Moving Apache Ignite into Production Series

This webinar is the fourth in a series that will guide you through the best development, monitoring, and troubleshooting practices for deploying Apache Ignite across different topologies and use cases. Other topics include:

This is a free event but please register now to reserve your spot and learn more about deploying Apache Ignite in the Cloud. Registering will also give you the slides and video afterwards.