October 2013

GridGain 5.2 Released!

We are happy to announce the general availability release for GridGain 5.2 which includes updates to all products in the platform: In-Memory HPC 5.2 In-Memory Database 5.2 In-Memory Streaming 2.0 In-Memory Accelerator for Hadoop 2.0 We anticipate this being the last mid-point release in the platform before we roll out 6.0 line Q114 or Q214 (we are still planning to have bi-weekly service…
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In the last 12 months we observed a growing trend that use cases for distributed caching are rapidly going away as customers are moving up stack... in droves. Let me elaborate by highlighting three points that when combined provide a clear reason behind this observation. Databases Caught Up With Distributed Caching In the last 3-5 years traditional RDBMSs and new crop of simpler NewSQL/…
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