March 2012

GridGain and Hadoop

Over the past few months I’ve been repeatedly asked on how GridGain relates to Hadoop. Having been answering this questions over and over again I’ve compacted it to just few words:We love Hadoop HDFS, but we are sorry for people who have to use Hadoop MapReduce.Let me explain.Hadoop HDFSWe love Hadoop HDFS. It is a new and improved version of enterprise tape drive. It is an excellent technology…
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GridGain 4.0 Released!

I'm pleased to announce that today we released GridGain 4.0 - latest edition of our platform for Real Time Big Data processing. I'm proud that our team set this final deadline almost 5 months ago and we were able to hit without a single delay. I'm especially proud of this fact because of the enormous complexity of the development process involved in making software like GridGain - dozens of…
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