Apache® Ignite™ at OSCON

GridGain's OSCON talk is titled, “The next phase of distributed systems with Apache Ignite”I’m here in Austin for OSCON where tomorrow my session, “The next phase of distributed systems with Apache Ignite,” will teach folks how to optimize Apache® Ignite™ -- leveraging it for low-latency, highly available microservices architectures. This incredibly robust software is being used by Fortune 100 companies to great success and savings over legacy hardware.

But first, what is OSCON? It’s O'Reilly ‘s Open Source Convention, whose slogan is “making open source work.” This conference is attended by developers, architects, engineers, project managers, community managers, entrepreneurs, VCs, and many more identities who meet and convene on open source tech.

OSCON started back in 1999 as a space where the movement was discussed and took hold. Hence, OSCON became a place where people organized around open source and figured out how to work together to build amazing projects and communities.

There are more than 100 sessions at this week’s conference covering the full range of open source languages and platforms, practical tutorials, keynotes, an expo hall, hallway track and much more. This was the flavor that brought me to present at OSCON for the past two years, both 2015 and 2016.

This year, I will be doing a speaking session on Ignite for the Data Big and Small Track. As I mentioned above, the title of my talk is: “The next phase of distributed systems with Apache Ignite” and it takes place Wednesday, May 10 at 5:05-5:45 p.m. in Meeting Room 18 C/D.

We are seeing an emerging trend of memory-first architectures being utilized to optimize the way that database systems operate. Apache Ignite’s peer-to-peer/shared-nothing architecture offers high availability and the benefits of incredibly low latency and the performance boosts of in-memory systems on top of relational systems. It solves some very real problems that other NoSQL systems simply can’t resolve on their own.

So, the main idea behind my talk is really “is memory the new disk?”

If your at OSCON, come check it out, Hope to see you there!