The Apache Ignite Web Console: Automating RDBMS Integration Webinar Recap

On February 15, I hosted a webinar "The Apache® Ignite™ Web Console: Automating RDBMS Integration".

I discussed how the Apache® Ignite in-memory computing platform enables you to dramatically accelerate and scale out your existing data-intensive applications without ripping and replacing your existing databases. You insert Apache Ignite between your application and database layers to significantly accelerate your existing solution’s overall performance.

Apache Ignite Web Console Screenshot

I explained that the Apache Ignite Web Console, an interactive management and configuration tool for Apache Ignite, provides an automated way to accomplish the following:

  • Prepare respective Apache Ignite configurations
  • Create Java POJO objects and index them in a similar way your data is indexed in RDBMS caches
  • Tighten up Apache Ignite caches with the RDBMS with the CacheStore interface, enabling read-through and write-through capabilities
  • Pre-load data from your RDBMS into the Apache Ignite caches

The Apache Ignite Web Console: Automating RDBMS Integration Webinar Topics

During this webinar, I demonstrated how the Apache Ignite Web Console enables the automatic integration of Apache Ignite and your RDBMS. I showed many demos, including explaining how to:

  • Import a RDBMS schema and map it to the Apache Ignite caches
  • Setup indexes
  • Create a Java POJO
  • Download a ready-to-run Apache Ignite based project that will be fully integrated with the RDBMS

Watch this webinar to gain a greater understanding of how to use the Apache Ignite Web Console to automate RDBMS integration.