GridGain Professional Edition 2.7.1 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • Fixed cache initialization event races. [#IGNITE-4939]
  • Fixed cluster halt if some exception occurs during cache initialization [#IGNITE-5026]
  • Fixed failure detection in case of not receiving metrics updates from clients. [#IGNITE-5103]
  • Improve cluster rebalancing routine if join#left node does not cause partition affinity assignment changes. [#IGNITE-7165]
  • A service redeployment process during a topology change is fixed. [#IGNITE-7366]
  • Web Agent: Added support for Java 9+. [#IGNITE-7926]
  • Fixed NPE in TTL manager on unwindEvicts. [#IGNITE-7972]
  • Preventing infinite iterations of corrupted B+Tree. New IGNITE_BPLUS_TREE_LOCK_RETRIES property was added, default value is Integer.MAX_VALUE. [#IGNITE-8049]
  • Fix service deployment from nodes outside of baseline topology. [#IGNITE-8134]
  • Node uptime metric now includes days count [#IGNITE-8138]
  • Interrupting user thread during partition initialization will no longer cause node to stop. [#IGNITE-8203]
  • Fix service redeployment on cluster reactivation. [#IGNITE-8205]
  • The maximum value of the page counter of the B+Tree is increased. Also, failureHandler is added when the counter of the maximum number of retries overflows. [#IGNITE-8219]
  • Fixed wrong RuntimeException handing on node stop. [#IGNITE-8238]
  • ScanQuery with setLocal flag now checks if partition is actually present on local node [#IGNITE-8286]