GridGain Professional Edition 2.3.1 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • EstimatedRebalancingFinishTime and RebalancingStartTime metrics are exposed through MXBean interface [#IGNITE-6583]
  • Visor CMD: Improved cache statistics [#IGNITE-6422]
  • Random UUID is appended to JDBC driver's Ignite instance names to avoid collision with user-created instances [#IGNITE-5790]
  • Fixed connection leaks when loadPreviousValue set to true [#IGNITE-5489]
  • Added Collections.singletonList support to BinaryMarshaller [#IGNITE-5444]
  • DROP table is frozen in special case [#IGNITE-6569]
  • Failed to DROP table created by DDL query after restart [#IGNITE-6568]
  • setSchema() is case sensitive in the wrong way in Thin JDBC driver [#IGNITE-6556]
  • Atomic cache remove operations are not logged into WAL [#IGNITE-6554]
  • JDBC drivers don't provide correct metadata about columns' nullability [#IGNITE-6529]
  • IgnitePdsWalTlbTest.testWalDirectOutOfMemory() hangs [#IGNITE-6493]
  • Binary marshaller fails on deserialization of object with writeReplace() [#IGNITE-6485]
  • Ignite Cache 5 suite has timed out with CacheLateAffinityAssignmentTest.testRandomOperations() [#IGNITE-6427]
  • Can't create off-heap matrix with size over 2 Gb (int overflow in DenseOffHeapMatrixStorage.allocateMemory) [#IGNITE-6394]
  • CREATE TABLE affinityKey parameter doesn't work as expected [#IGNITE-6375]
  • NPE occurs if object with null indexed field is added [#IGNITE-6360]
  • in ML examples, class ExampleMatrixStorage doesn't compile [#IGNITE-6328]
  • org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException: Hexadecimal string with odd number of characters [#IGNITE-6286]
  • ML profile is missing in 2.1 binary release [#IGNITE-6193]
  • No checkClusterState() in IgniteKernal.getOrCreateCaches() [#IGNITE-6184]
  • GridCacheReplicatedLocalStoreSelfTest.testBackupRestorePrimary flaky-fails in master [#IGNITE-5984]
  • IgniteCache#get() fails with "Requesting mapping from grid failed" when deserialising binary object loaded from CacheJdbcPojoStoreFactory [#IGNITE-5966]
  • Fix all wrong TODO comments in ML component [#IGNITE-5802]
  • JVM crash on node deactivation [#IGNITE-5739]
  • IgniteInternalTx.prepare() does not wait for async operations to complete [#IGNITE-4648]
  • Cannot find schema for object with compact footer [#IGNITE-4377]

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