GridGain Professional Edition 2.1.9 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • Fixed deadlock when partition eviction starts from multiple threads [#IGNITE-7157]
  • Visor CMD: Fixed reading last command line in batch mode [#IGNITE-7121]
  • C++ node can start without example folder now [#IGNITE-7114]
  • Fixed bug in cache start operations ordering [#IGNITE-7088]
  • Fix: when PDS is enabled and IGNITE_BINARY_SORT_OBJECT_FIELDS property is set and IgniteCache#put is called a node hangs [#IGNITE-7085]
  • Fixed NPE in TcpDiscoverySharedFsIpFinder [#IGNITE-7008]
  • Fixed redundant invocations of CacheStoreSessionListener if store operation is not executed [#IGNITE-6669]
  • Fixed PDS corruption if partition have been evicted and owned again. [#IGNITE-6423]
  • Fix for JobStealingCollisionSpi can sends jobs to a node that joined after task was executed [#IGNITE-1267]
  • Web console: fix reconnection after change profile [#IGNITE-7257]
  • Fix IGNITE-7086 fails IgniteCacheAtomicExpiryPolicyWithStoreTest.testGetReadThrough [#IGNITE-7159]
  • CacheStoreSessionListener#onSessionStart() is not called in case of 'WriteBehind' mode is enabled and 'writeCache' size exceeds critical size [#IGNITE-6924]
  • Web console: incorrect character in tab name under IE11 [#IGNITE-6919]
  • Confusing messages "SLF4J: Failed to load class" at Ignite start [#IGNITE-6828]