GridGain Professional Edition 2.1.8 Release Notes

Features and Improvements


  • Fixed issue with affinity assignment mismatch after grid nodes restart [#IGNITE-6973]
  • Fixed peer classloader on SHARED mode [#IGNITE-6922]
  • Visor Cmd: Fixed 'cache -a' in case of node filter [#IGNITE-6863]
  • Fixed partition exchange hang due to SQL query running inside a transaction [#IGNITE-6858]
  • ODBC: Driver now properly handles ungraceful TCP disconnects (keep-alive connection) [#IGNITE-6835]
  • Correct handling of half open communication connection [#IGNITE-6818]
  • ODBC: Fixed error that prevents from closing executed DML statement [#IGNITE-6765]
  • Fixed an issue with infinitely deploying class on peer classloader [#IGNITE-6737]
  • Marshaller mappings and binary metadata are persisted to disk when registered locally [#IGNITE-6722]
  • Fixed UnsupportedOperationException on SSLSocket shutdown [#IGNITE-6088]
  • SQL: Added support for Java 8 Date and Time API [#IGNITE-4172]
  • DataStreamer can fails if non-data node enter\leave the grid [#IGNITE-5195]