GridGain Enterprise Edition 7.9.9 Release Notes


  • Fixed NPE in GridClockSyncProcessor on node stop [#GG-13067]
  • Fixed NPE on starting node when it receives GridDhtPartitionsSingleRequest [#GG-13060]
  • Fixed NPE on node stop when SSL is in use [#GG-13021]
  • Test failing in 1.9 after IGNITE-6818 [#GG-13072]
  • DataStreamer.addData(single entry) produces too much garbage [#GG-12915]

GridGain Professional Edition 1.9.9 Release Notes

Features and Improvements

  • Discovery SPI: Ignite will skip non-Ignite servers during Discovery instead of failure [#IGNITE-6690]


  • Correct handling of half open communication connection [#IGNITE-6818]
  • Fixed redundant invocations of CacheStoreSessionListener if store operation is not executed [#IGNITE-6669]
  • Fixed deadlock on the client node in case of using IgniteQueue#take() [#IGNITE-6496]
  • Avoid infinite looping of communication and discovery reconnects [#IGNITE-6071]
  • CacheStoreSessionListener#onSessionStart() is not called in case of 'WriteBehind' mode is enabled and 'writeCache' size exceeds critical size [#IGNITE-6924]