Apache Ignite for Spring Boot and Spring Data Development - 07/28/2021

Foundation Course
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

This two-hour training is for Java developers and architects who want to explore the best practices and nuances of using Spring Boot and Spring Data with Apache Ignite. During the training, you build a RESTful web service that uses Apache Ignite as an in-memory database. The service is a Spring Boot application that interacts with the Ignite cluster via Spring Data repository abstractions.

Training Topics:

  • Configuring an Apache Ignite cluster that uses Spring Boot and Spring Data
  • Designing Java POJOs for Ignite Spring Data repositories
  • Defining custom SQL queries for Ignite Spring Data repositories
  • Designing DTOs (data transfer objects) for Ignite Spring Data services
  • Building a Spring Boot RESTful endpoint that works with Ignite Spring Data services
  • Learning tips and tricks while working with Ignite Spring Data and Ignite Spring Boot

Required Preparation:

  • Java Developer Kit 8.0 later
  • Apache Maven 3.0 or later
  • Your favorite IDE, such as IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse, or a simple text editor


Denis Magda
VP, Developer Relations in R&D at GridGain; Apache Ignite committer and PMC member

Denis Magda is an open-source software enthusiast who began his journey by working first with the technology evangelism group of Sun Microsystems and then with the Java engineering team of Oracle. During his years at Sun and Oracle, Denis became a seasoned Java professional, deepening and expanding his knowledge of the technology by contributing to the Java Development Kit, architecting Java solutions, and building local Java communities. Denis now continues his journey by supporting the Apache Software Foundation and working with GridGain Systems. For the foundation, he contributes to Apache Ignite as an Apache Ignite committer and a member of the Project Management Committee. As the head of the GridGain Developer Relations team, Denis works with software engineers and architects to help them develop their expertise in in-memory computing. You will find Denis at conferences, workshops, and other events sharing his knowledge about Apache Ignite, distributed systems, and open-source communities.